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You have stumbled upon the website of the eminent comedian Jake Baker (me). Feel free to stay for a while, take a look around and make yourself at home. You will find photos of me in the photo bit, a video of me in the video bit and a way to contact me in the Contact me bit. The up-coming gigs bit has a list of my upcoming gigs. May I suggest you attend one at your earliest convenience.


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The Upcoming Gigs Bit

These are my next five gigs.

For a comprehensive list, please click here. ☞

Please send me a message using this form here, whether it be the promise of a spot, some sort of feedback or an invite to the pub. You know, those sorts of things.

I can also sometimes be found on Twitter.

The Get-in-Touch Bit


The Video Bit


The Past and Future Projects Bit

A Work in Progress

Performance Anxiety

with Benji Waterstones

Jake Baker & Friends



Ownbrand Comedy
with Martin Pilgrim




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